Developing a Company Goals Program
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Hitting goals is hard. Using them to align your workforce shouldn't be. 
That’s why CARROTS’ free, 7-part email course walks you, the HR professional, step by step through what you need to design, launch, and drive results from a company-wide goals program. We’ll also give you the resources you need to get C-suite buy-in, roll out your program, monitor its success, and more. Never had a company goals program? Need to overhaul an old, ineffective program? We got you covered.
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What we’ll cover in this master class:
    • Defining goal type and frequency for your company
    • Action steps for changing your performance management process
    • Getting program buy-in and adoption
    • Measuring program success
    • And more!
Create a competitive advantage for your business.
Help your workforce stay challenged, motivated and connected
with their work through an effective company goals program.